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Monday, April 11, 2011

Last words

Enjoyed this module a lot. say no to readings! XD
It was fun and i really liked designing. except for the fact that when ideas run dry and inspirations do not come, life is really difficult.




Monday, March 21, 2011

class exercise E



assignment 5 - Climate Change

Create ONE Infographic to illustrate an article on the topic of climate change.
The theme ‘Climate Change' could refer to causes and consequences of global
warming, deforestation etc, and/or how do we help to improve the situation.

Infographics... basically got my idea from

cartoony. To avoid having to redo because of plagarism issues(taking images off the net) again, I decided to draw out the whoel thing.

Feedback from tutorial was that the top part may be a distraction such that attention is diverted to the picture instead of the infographics.


I decided to desaturate the top to put a focus on the picture. So that we people will look at the information instead of having a very spread focus everywhere.

Also, the 'boxing' of the text using increased vibrance will coontrast between the 'foreground'(text) and background.

assignment 4 - Color Coalition

Design ONE postcard (both front and back) to promote, or create awareness of a
travel theme. The theme can be international, regional or local.

So we were supposed to do on a travel theme. The first things that came to mind were aeroplane, luggage. So I tried to think of something more out of the ordinary. Googled a bit for insiprations and here're some of the results I thought would come in handy:

i thought this picture was really interesting and maybe I could do a mix of things like this.

I quite adore the idea of this photo.

I thought this passport idea was very interesting, but it has been done before many time sin the googled images, so i decided not to do it.

So i googled more and more until something miraculous popped out, and there I go- INSPIRATION!

Here's my mona lisa collection.

original piece:

black and white but i retained the colours of the faces for a comical effect.

low saturation

blue-pink. a mix of cool and hot theme


red/ pink tone.

Final prototype:



but my classmates thought the original piece looked more attractive because its vibrant look. I may consider, but I will have to redo this piece because the photos were from the net and there may be plagarism issue involved.

So I redid it, retaining the universal mona lisa concept. But after pieceing all the costumes to the head & editing the features of her face one by one, I thought the lack of background didn't fit the boxes layout. So I orientated them in a 'fashion magaizine spread' format. Not forgetting the original mona lisa to add a pinch of tackiness into it.

green blue

vibrant series:


vibrant 2

vibrant 3

vibrant 4


rainbow series:


rainbow 2

rainbow 3


emo series: (black white red)


emo 2

original color


BUT. it didn't make such a strong statement as the first one. The fun factor was lost too. Looked more exotic though. Less x- factor...


5 of the 7 wonders of the medieval world






= ????

a very rough sketch on paper.

so I ended up with 2 types of outline-

live trace with clean cut lines

pencil outline

So i tried with the two types of outlines:

pencil lines + grainy backgrounds


red yellow blue (RYB)

clean lines + smooth texture


pastel 2


honestly, i really liked RYB alot. Almost made it my prototype but feedback given was that it was too hard to see the monuments. (idea not effectively conveyed) But i asked quite a few people and they could spot the background images almost immediately. :(

My idea/ concept for this image is actually 5 different backgrounds (of the 7 wonders of the world representing countries) merged into one picture (this explains the meticulous orientations of the backgrounds) with the use of colors (that actually follows the original color of 'the scream' portrait).

In the end I made the monuments a bit more clear by retaining the color of the monuments & i chose to use a rouch texture with clean cut lines.





nature (on land)