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Monday, March 21, 2011

assignment 5 - Climate Change

Create ONE Infographic to illustrate an article on the topic of climate change.
The theme ‘Climate Change' could refer to causes and consequences of global
warming, deforestation etc, and/or how do we help to improve the situation.

Infographics... basically got my idea from

cartoony. To avoid having to redo because of plagarism issues(taking images off the net) again, I decided to draw out the whoel thing.

Feedback from tutorial was that the top part may be a distraction such that attention is diverted to the picture instead of the infographics.


I decided to desaturate the top to put a focus on the picture. So that we people will look at the information instead of having a very spread focus everywhere.

Also, the 'boxing' of the text using increased vibrance will coontrast between the 'foreground'(text) and background.

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