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Friday, January 28, 2011

class exercise B

I couldn't find the original photo on the net, so i used one that is close.

There's a navi in the foreground. The background presents a jungle. There is also a banshee in the background.

Analysis: We can see a relationship between the avatar and the surroundings (the surroundings is the avatar's home), as we are able to see that the blue colour of the avatar has similar colour scheme as the green, purplish surroundings, indicating some sort of connection between the foreground and the background.

By placing him in the foreground right in the middle, and not blended into the background with his homeland, emphasis is placed on him. From the presentation, he is probably the guardian of this place, and he is very protective of it.

the piece effectively portrays the navi's strength as in the show. However, the portrait look of the navi makes the picture look posed and created.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

assignment 1 A & B - Me, Myself & I

Me, Myself & I

Step 1: Identify YOU by writing down words
associated to YOU.
Step 2: Sort these words and visualize how they
represent YOU

Preliminary sketches:
Develop 4 preliminary sketches

Full scale roughs:
From these 4 sketches, choose 1 and further
develop them into 2 full scale roughs

Final prototype:
Create final artwork via CG


We were supposed to write down as many words as possible that is related to 'me'. And there I was in the LT racking my brains.
After a while, here's the list of words I penned down on my notebook:

dance (it really means hip hop in my context)
colourful/ vibrant
city night landscape
art- drawing
fastivals -> christmas
tall (i was really dry on brain juice)
glam/ exaggerated (as in the very extravagant style)
snow - snowman, snowball, snowflake, tree
CNY? ( i guess this falls under festivals)

So I went on to doodle on my notebook, and then the very first theme I tried was the 'city night landscape'. I really loved nightviews, the awesome breathtaking scene of lights against the dark sky. So somehow I associated all that with Marina, since it has one of the prettiest night views in Singapore. There it was, a flyer. But somehow the more I drew, I was just trying to make out my name with these objects, so eventually it turned into my first sketch, which ended up with a Singapore theme. Oh wells, I'm very Singaporean, so I guess it shouts "me!" as well.

Doodled a bit more, the second piece was on dance. I thought of shoes, figures, but after i drew the "e" i continued with a graffiti styled 'G' which ended up looking like the hood of the guy's head. So it gave me an idea to complete the remaining letters with a bboy doing floor rock. I'm not into bboy actually, but it falls under the category of hiphop. :D

Then I was really dry of ideas already. Did a snow themed one, but it was really ridiculous, so i scraped the idea.

So, after squeezing dry of my brain juice, I finally got my 4 sketches out.

Preliminary sketches

#1- Singapore?

#2- Dance

#3- Photography/ Film

#4- Beach

After drawing the Singapore themed one, I thought my R was not really fitting as the other letters were made up by pbjects unique to Singapore. So I searched a bit on google and thought for some time before deciding to use the 'MayBank' building. And also I thought the HDB 'E' could have alternatives like the marina barrage or marina bay sands.

Full scale roughs

Honestly, it was a tough choice between #1 and #2. #3 was out of the question because I thought the letters were not really integrated into the design. #4 was lagging behind as the beach does not represent me as strongly. I really liked the dance one but I thought #1 would have a larger range of possible variations, for example, colours and hues, or day and night. Mostly about colour scheme.



Stubbon, I held on to my liking for the night-time city landscape, but I decided to try one for a day time look, and the other night.

As I was thinking how to make the night time one look not dull, I google searched and drew inspirations from some photos below.

As of now, these are my 2 roughs.



there were some differences in the letters as well.

Final Prototype

After having it in computer graphics,

This is the very first draft, unfinished. I didn't use this because the sky was not an original work by me. It was really pretty, but I stole it off the net, so I couldn't use it. But anyway, it was just a rough guide for an idea or preview of the final work I wanted.

Then when I was done, here are the 8 choices that I couldn't make up my mind with. They are just very minor details, but I am a perfectionist when it comes to things like these.
In case you can't tell,
1. 4 on the left column have a glowing outline.
2. first 4 on the top have a different background from the left.
3. 2nd and 4th row have fainter orange gradient from behind the 'hill'.

So, since I couldn't decide, printed it out and brought to class. After feedback, they thought it was fine and the glow would help outline the name and make it clearer, so i stuck with this one.



class exercise A

here goes

Tuesday, January 11, 2011