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Friday, January 28, 2011

class exercise B

I couldn't find the original photo on the net, so i used one that is close.

There's a navi in the foreground. The background presents a jungle. There is also a banshee in the background.

Analysis: We can see a relationship between the avatar and the surroundings (the surroundings is the avatar's home), as we are able to see that the blue colour of the avatar has similar colour scheme as the green, purplish surroundings, indicating some sort of connection between the foreground and the background.

By placing him in the foreground right in the middle, and not blended into the background with his homeland, emphasis is placed on him. From the presentation, he is probably the guardian of this place, and he is very protective of it.

the piece effectively portrays the navi's strength as in the show. However, the portrait look of the navi makes the picture look posed and created.

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