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Monday, March 21, 2011

assignment 3 - U C what I C

Create ONE sequence of images comprises between 6‐9 photographs that tells a
linear photo narrative. While a single photo may tell part of a story, a photo
narrative expands the experience to paint a larger picture.

I had a hard time coming up with the storyline. Since I didn't want to use real people as my subjects, I thought of using toys instead. Went to my dusty room and managed to dig out a whole box full of toys. So, just to try out and make sure it works, I tried taking a few shots with different angles.

found some dragons and mulan and friend, and some puny little aliens.

1. 2. 3.
1. top down shot
2. from below- high and mighty dragon
3. close up shot on the face of a menacing dragom

4. 5. 6.
7. 8.

4. -
5. from audience's point of view
6. priest addressing people- audience pov
7. far focus
8. over the shoulder

9. 10. 11.
9. over the shoulder
10. over the shoulder II
11. bottom up - high and mighty mulan
12. bottom up - high and mighty

So, the more I tried, ideas formed in my mind - damsel in distress? saving the princess from the dragon?

And then I went on to google for popular children's myths and stories.
An adaptation of humpty dumpty came to my mind too. And I wanted to do Jack and the beanstalk.
But in the end, I decided on this story:

Almighty mulan returns on her horse in victory and charms one of the citizens. But some bad guys set up a trap to trip her horse with a rope. The citizen saved her and they fell in love and kissed and he became the charming prince. They lived happily ever after.

I drew out the storyboard, and started out taking photos.

First story:

normal shot of villagers.

Mulan coming from afar

charms citizen (focus on him)

But I stopped her because I couldn't get nice lighting and working with toys was quite difficult because I did not have a proper background which posed a very big problem. So I decided to scrape this idea.
Instead I came up with another one. I still use a stuff toy, but a larger sized one, such that I can fit it into a real human being living environment context.

a very sketchy storyboard.

Guess the title? Not the final prototype though.

Answer: The lousy Duck who cannot fly or swim.

I got many different responses when I went around asking my neighbours to tell me a story based on these photos. Many of them included themes like a suicidal duck who killed himself.

So after tutorial, I was rather surprised because my tutorial mates could tell the correct version of the story! phew. but they suggested that I changed the last 3 photos.

in the end I took out the 6th photo also, because we could only have a maximum of 9 photos and my neighbours gave feedback that it was redundant.

and I wanted to retain the warped idea of the duck drowning, so I changed the second last 2 photos only.

Final photo narrative:

disclaimer: most of the photos are very heavily photoshopped, be it levels, colours, or effects.

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